The Humble Petitioners

This website is an informal home for historians, sociologists, political scientists, and others studying petitioning past, present, and future. As well as offering links to research on petitioning from the fifteenth to the twenty-first centuries, we hope to encourage discussion and debate on these topics through collaboration.

We welcome messages from researchers who wish to list their contact details and information about past/current research on this website. Our list of correspondents gathers together the people with whom we have already made contact.

The site is edited by Richard Huzzey and Henry Miller, who are leading the ‘Re-thinking Petitions, Parliament, and People in Modern Britain’ project. Our work is generously funded by a Research Project Grant from the Leverhulme Trust. As of 1 August 2016, we are both members of the Department of History at Durham University, where this project is based.



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